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Crown Lifting

Precise trimming and thinning out of large feature trees can create a beautiful canopy over your garden that ‘set’s the scene’ or frames the garden creating a picture of beauty. Trees such as the Poinciana and Jacaranda Tree require specialist trimming to create this magical umbrella shape year after year. Crown lifting removes the lower branches annually to keep a neat spread of foliage and flowers across the very top of the tree whilst Crown thinning reduces the density of the leaf canopy allowing the light and flowers to become more prominent. The Poinciana trees that line our streets are certainly a remarkable sight and well worth the care involved in keeping them looking their best for the next generation to appreciate.

Winter Pruning Practices

There may be many reasons that a tree or palm may need to be removed. Regardless of this we can safely and efficiently do this.

Storm Season Preparations

Trimming your trees prior to storm season is strongly recommended to ensure you remove potential hazards that could cause damage to your property or family once the storm season hits. Due to our climate, the Sunshine Coast can experience heavy rain and strong winds that combine to cause trees to be blown over. Fierce winds alone can break off large branches allowing them to fall on your assets. Overhanging branches contribute to clogging of gutters with leaves. A professional thinning of vegetation in late spring can reduce these risks.